Deploying a WEBDEV site in PCSCloud

The CLOUD operating platforms include the WEBDEV Application Server for hosting WEBDEV sites.

Let's see how to deploy a WEBDEV site in the Cloud.

Don't forget to enable the WEBDEV Application Server role on the platform for the WEBDEV sites

To configure the roles of the platform: see the guide Configuring the roles.



You must have:

- the identifier 

- and the password of the PCSCloud account.

The identifier and password have been supplied in the confirmation email when creating the PCSCloud account. 


- In WEBDEV, click "Deploy the site".

- Select "Deploy the WEBDEV site in the Cloud for the PC SOFT applications".

- Enter the parameters of the Cloud account (identifier and password)

Note: No need to know the address of the server, the FTP account or the WEBDEV account to be able to deploy.

- WEBDEV lists the platforms (for PC SOFT applications) of the PCSCloud account. 

Select the platform on which the site will be deployed.

Note: We advise you to deploy the site on a platform whose version is identical to the version of your WEBDEV used for development.

--> In this above window, no platform is listed even though I created one. Why?

To deploy a WEBDEV site on a PCSCloud platform, the "WEBDEV Application Server for the WEBDEV site" role must be enabled on the platform.

For more details about configuring the roles of a platform: Configuring the roles of a platform