Changing offer

When creating a PCSCloud operating platform, you choose:

- the type of platform according to the requeste calculation power.

Several types of platforms are available: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond.

- and its use level: light, medium or high.

The use level of the platform defines its "responsiveness".

These choices are not permanent: the type of platform and its intensity can be modified at any time.

This guide explains how to change offer.


You must have:

- the identifier 

- and the password of the PCSCloud account.

The identifier and password have been supplied in the confirmation email when creating the PCSCloud account. 


- Connect yourself to the CLOUD dashboard, at the following address:

- In the list of platforms at the top, click the platform to reconfigure.

- Then, click the "Reconfigure the platform" link.

- Select the new requested configuration.

- Don't forget to Validate

After validation, the reconfiguration of the platform is effective within a few minutes.