Creating a Telemetry platform

A PCSCloud Telemetry platform allows you to host your Telemetry server:

For more information on the use of telemetry in your applications, see the online help.

Here are the steps to create a PCSCloud telemetry platform.


All the aspects of the telemetry platform are managed from the WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile environment.


- Click "Create a platform" on the left bar.

- Select the "Telemetry platform" template. 

- Specify the name of the platform. This name will be used to access the platform. 

This name will allow you to identify the platform in the Cloud dashboard and in PC SOFT tools.

- Configure the platform Update policy. Installing Windows updates can restart the platform and therefore cause a service interruption. 

Consequently, schedule updates for a time when the platform is not being used intensively, or not being used at all. 

- Validate

After validation, the platform is created within a few minutes and it can be used immediately.

On the applications, all you have to do is connect to this telemetry server.

You can connect either by using the IP address of the cloud platform or the domain name: 

<platform name>

Login credentials (default login and password) are specified in the platform's dashboard.

Note: don't forget to secure the access to the platform.

For optimal security of access to your platform, define an IP address or IP address range that is allowed to collect actions or view results.