Creating an operating platform

PCSCloud operating platform allows you to:

- share HFSQL databases, 

- host WEBDEV sites, 

- host WINDEV or WEBDEV Webservices, 

- host setups of WINDEV applications 

- or publish universal data replications.

The steps for creating a PCSCloud operating platform are as follows.


You must have:

- the identifier 

- and the password of the PCSCloud account.

The identifier and password have been supplied in the confirmation email when creating the PCSCloud account. 


- Connect yourself to the CLOUD dashboard, at the following address:

- Click the "Create a platform" link.

- Click "Operating platform".

Name the platform. 

This name will be used to access the platform, it has following format: 

This name can be modified at any time.

- Choose the type of platform according to the requested calculation power: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond.

This choice is not definite: the type of platform can be modified at any time.

If youare not sure, we advise you to choose a "Bronze" platform and to upgrade it later if necessary.

- Define the use level of the platform: light, medium or high.

The use level of the platform defines its "responsiveness".


For a Web site, a low use level is sufficient.

For a database or a busier platform, the use level will have to be adapted.

The choice of the use level for the platform can also be modified at any time. You can start, for example, with a low use level, then increase the use level.

- Specify the version of the platform.

We advise you to choose the same version for the platform and for your development version. 

- Define the roles of the platform

To be able to deploy WEBDEV sites on the platform, check "WEBDEV Application Server".

To be able to deploy WINDEV or WEBDEV Webservices, check "WEBDEV Application Server for the Webservices".

To be able to host HFSQL (HyperFileSQL) databases, check "HFSQL server".

To be able to deploy setups of WINDEV applications, check "WINDEV Setup Server".

Tip: Check what you need only. 

Especially as this choice is not definite. You have the ability to enable or disable roles on the platform at any time.

Very important step: Secure the access to the platform.

For an optimal security when accessing your platform, define an IP address or a set of IP addresses authorized to deploy applications, sites, webservices and databases on the platform.

This also secures the access to the FTP directory for the platform backup.

Defining an IP filter for the FTP port is essential, this prevents robots from connecting to the platform and slowing it down.

You also have the ability to add or modify the authorized IP addresses at any time. This choice is not definite.

Windows updates of the platform

Installing the Windows updates can restart the platform and therefore trigger a service interruption. 

Therefore, schedule the updates at at time when the platform is seldom used. 

You also have the ability to specify that you don't want to install the Windows updates. However, we strongly advise against it. Indeed, installing the Windows updates allows you to benefit from the security updates, and it helps prevent attacks exploiting Windows deficiencies.

After validation, the platform is created within just a few minutes only, and it is instantly operational.

On this platform, you have the ability to: 

- deploy WEBDEV sites, (click here to access the guide)

- deploy HFSQL (HyperFileSQL) databases, (click here to access the guide)

- host WINDEV or WEBDEV Webservices, (click here to access the guide)

- deploy setups of WINDEV applications, (click <36>here to access the guide) 

- or publish universal data replications (help coming soon).