The HFSQL server

The CLOUD for PC SOFT applications allows you to use the HFSQL Server to share databases anywhere in the world, from any application (iOS, Android, Site, Desktop, etc.).

For HFSQL server updates, see Updating the HFSQL server.

In this guide, let's see how to manage the databases deployed on the platform.

2 possibilities: 

- use the HFSQL Control Center,

- use the remote HFSQL administrator 

Using the HFSQL Control Center

  • Enable the remote HFSQL access, if not already done.
  • the address of your platform is the name of the platform followed by "", for example ""
  • the default username and password of the HFSQL server administrator account can be found in the "Password" widget

These parameters allow you to connect to the HFSQL server of the platform from the HFSQL Control Center.

All you have to do is enter the address of the platform, the user name and the password.

Using the remote HFSQL administrator

  • In the list of platforms on the left, click the platform (for PC SOFT applications) you want to access.
  • In the "Remote administrators" widget,  click "HFSQL administrator".

You can now configure and manage the databases deployed on the platform.

From the remote HFSQL administrator, you can:

- list, create and delete databases,

- configure the users, the groups and the rights,

- access the server configuration,

- manage the backups,

- manage the scheduled tasks, ...

For more information on the Remote HFSQL Administrator, click here to read the online documentation.