Importing existing data for the Control Centers

The PCSCloud development platform allows you to securely access, wherever you are, the data found in your Control Centers: the requirements, the tasks, the schedules of developers as well as the incidents and the messaging software.

When creating a development platform, a database of Control Centers is automatically created.

Via the Control Centers,  you have the ability to create and manage the requirements, tasks, schedules and user feedback, as usual.

For more details about the use of Control Centers,

And if you already have an existing database for the Control Center, you have the ability to import this existing data into the PCSCloud platform.

Let's see how to proceed.


All you have to do is save the existing database of Control Centers, then restore this database into the CLOUD platform.


Step 1: Performing a backup of the existing database.

The existing database must be in HFSQL Client/Server format.

If it is in local or network mode, it must be switched to Client/Server mode.

An import wizard is available for this purpose in WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile: "Home" pane - click "Options - General options of...". In the "User" tab, click "PArameters of Control Centers" then "Import wizard". ]

To save the existing database, in the Project Monitoring Center, configure the data location in the "Parameters - Options of Project Monitoring Center" menu, "Data location" tab.

Specify the location of the existing data.

Still from the Project Monitoring Center, in the "Control Centers" menu, click "Full database backup"

This operation creates a .zip that contains the backup of the database.

Step 2: Then, restore the database on the PCSCloud platform

In the Project Monitoring Center, change the data location and specify the name of the Cloud platform.

To do so, use the "Control Centers" menu, click "Options".

In the window of options, select "Data location" then "Cloud platform" and validate.

A new instance of CCSuivi will be started. Then, select the "Control Centers" menu and click "Restore a full backup".

Note: To have the rights to restore the database backup, you must be connected as administrator. 

The administrator is defined in the CLOUD dashboard, in developer edit: all you have to do is check "Control Centers and SCM administrator".

Restart the Project Monitoring Center to access the restored data.


All the users found in the imported database are automatically added as developers on the PCSCloud platform.

Don't forget that the price charged for the PCSCloud platform depends on the number of developers.

If some developers do not have to access the platform, don't forget to remove them. 

This operation is performed from the list of developers in the CLOUD dashboard.