Pausing/Restarting an operating platform

The PCSCloud operating platforms can be paused and restarted according to your requirements.

It may be intersting in terms of cost to suspend a platform if it is not temporarily used, during the development or during tests for example. 

Indeed, while the platform is suspended, you will not pay any hourly use fees.

However, the cost of storage space and the cost of IP addresses remain due.

Note: Every hour started is due. 

Pausing and restarting a platform are operations that can be performed in a few minutes.

Once it is restarted, the platform can be immediately used, like before its suspension, with the same settings and with your data.

Special case:

In some cases, the restart of the platform may take a little longer than usual.

This happens when the restart of the platform triggers the setup of "Windows Updates".

Be patient, don't try to perform any other actions on the platform. 

And especially, don't restart the platform, otherwise the restart time will be increased even more. 

Be patient, the platform will be operational soon.



You must have:

- the identifier 

- and the password of the PCSCloud account.

The identifier and password have been supplied in the confirmation email when creating the PCSCloud account. 


- Connect yourself to the CLOUD dashboard, at the following address:

- In the list of platforms at the top, click the operating platform that must be paused or restarted.

- Further down, in the "Description" section, the "Suspend the activity" button is used to temporarily suspend the activity of the platform.

To restart the platform, click "restart" and wait until the platform is restarted, without performing any other action on the platform.