Updating the WEBDEV Application Server

The CLOUD operating platforms include the WEBDEV Application Server for hosting WEBDEV sites.

When a new version of WEBDEV is available, how to update the WEBDEV Application Server of the platform?

The process is straightforward.



As soon as a WEBDEV update is available in level 2 of validation, the update of the WEBEV Application Server is automatically proposed in the CLOUD dashboard. 

You can decide whether you want to perform this update or not.

Note: To update a platform to a later major version (from version 18 to version 19 for example), see the guide Updating to major version.


You must have:

- the identifier 

- and the password of the PCSCloud account.

The identifier and password have been supplied in the confirmation email when creating the PCSCloud account. 


- Connect yourself to the CLOUD dashboard, at the following address: https://pcscloud.net/dashboard/.

- In the list of platforms at the top, click the platform (for PC SOFT applications) you want to manage.

- Below, in the description table of the platform, on the "WEBDEV Application Server" row, you will find out its current version.  

When a WEBDEV update is available in level 2 of validation, an "Update available" link allows you to perform this update for the platform.

- Click the "Update available" link. 

The update can be performed immediately or it can be performed later at a time when the platform is not used.

Note: During the update, expect a short service interruption as the WEBDEV Application Server must be stopped.Therefore, the users connected to the site will be disconnected. 

This process takes only a short amount of time, just a few minutes maximum.