Cloud for PC SOFT applications
& HFSQL databases

• WEBDEV Application Server for hosting WEBDEV sites

• WEBDEV Application Server for providing WEBDEV or WINDEV Webservices

• HFSQL server for sharing databases

• HFSQL server to replicate HFSQL databases

• Spare HFSQL server for setting up a backup HFSQL server

• WINDEV Setup Server to host setups of WINDEV applications

• Server of Universal Data Replications to replicate the data

• WDBaaS for WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile applications

• Private Store for WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile applications

The CLOUD for PC SOFT applications
The Cloud for PC SOFT applications offers operating platforms for your WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile applications.

These platforms can be used to:
• host your WEBDEV sites or your WEBDEV or WINDEV Webservices,
• share your HFSQL databases anywhere in the world, from fixed points or mobile terminals, with the ability to replicate your data from a proprietary server,
• store and distribute your WINDEV application setups,
• replicate data of your applications via a universal data replication server (for WINDEV Mobile applications in particular),
• share User Groupware data from WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile applications through WDBaaS.
• manage a Private Store for WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile applications (iOS & Android).
Quality environment, immediately operational
The Cloud operating platforms are optimized for a full integration from the PC SOFT development environments: WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. The deployments on the Cloud platforms are extremely simplified.
This allows you to concentrate on developing your applications, without any of the infrastructure constraints.
Secure management interface
You benefit from a management interface to create and manage your platforms.
You can disable or suspend the activity of a platform at any time.
The platforms are built to guarantee high availability, even in case of hardware failure.
You have the ability to create application requiring different levels of scalability and quickly adapt the size of your platforms to answer variations in usage.
Backup option
A backup option can be enabled to perform a daily backup of your platform.
This backup is performed on a storage space independent of the platform.
Each backup is stored during 14 days.
Pay per use

The Cloud allows you to only pay for what you consume. 

The usage hours of your platforms are billed only if your platform is active, i.e. only when your applications are available and accessible.

Furthermore, only the occupied storage space is billed.

See pricing
Prices adapted to the usage level of the platform
The hourly pricing can be adjusted according to the usage level of your platform.
This allows for fees that actually match your needs.
Storage and databases
Each platform includes storage space. This storage is intended for the resources of your sites or Webservices, HFSQL databases and WINDEV application setups.
The Cloud allows you to take advantage of the HFSQL server on each one of your platforms at no extra cost.
Restore points
Before updating your applications, you have the ability to create a restore point. If a problem occurs during the update, you will be able to go back to the previous status by restoring the restore point that was created.