Cloud for PC SOFT development projects

SCM (Source Code Manager) to share your PC SOFT projects

• Control Centers (CC) to centralize your development processes

• Storage center of editor configuration to easily restore your work environment anywhere in the world

The CLOUD for PC SOFT development projects
The CLOUD for PC SOFT development projects includes development platforms allowing you to view your WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile projects.

These development platforms give you the ability to store and share your WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile projects in the CLOUD. You will be able to access your projects from any computer, anywhere in the world.

The development platforms also allow you to share the data of your Control Centers: Project Monitoring Center, Quality Control Center, Messaging Ceneter.
The CLOUD dashboard allows you to manage the contributors, the groups, the requirements, the tasks, the messages, the bugs, the suggestions, …

Finally, the development platforms allow you to save the exact configuration of your WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile environment (position of editor elements, custom-menu, customization of buttons, last opened projects, recent files, …). This gives you the ability to easily restore your work environment regardless of the computer.

The accesses are secured and they are reserved to the authorized users.
Quality environment, immediately operational
The services available on the Cloud development platform are optimized for a full integration from the PC SOFT development environments: WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile.
Their use is extremely simplified.
This allow you to concentrate on developing and managing your projects without having to worry about implementation constraints, maintenance and security of the server or control center.
Secure management interface
A management interface allows you to create and manage your platforms: users, groups of users, access rights, backups, statistics, ...
The platforms are built to guarantee high availability, even in case of hardware failure.
You have the ability to add or remove users at any time. The platform wil automatically adapt to the load.
Backup option
A backup option can be enabled to perform a daily backup of your platform.
This backup is performed on a storage space independent of the platform.
Each backup is stored during 14 days.
Pricing adapted to the number of developers
The initial development platform is intended for 1 developer.
You can add access for additional developers at any time.

Billing is performed on a monthly basis, and it is proportional to the number of developers.

See pricing
Data storage
Each development platform includes storage space. This storage is occupied by the Source Code Manager (SCM) database, (i.e., the resources of your WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile projects), and by the Control Centers database, (i.e., the data of your schedules, messages, requirements, incidents, environment configurations, etc.). 
Optimal performance
When using PCSCloud solutions, the SCM specifically adapts its network management for optimal performance.