Adding an authorized developer

With a PCSCloud development platform, wherever you are:

- you can securely access your WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile projects,

- you securely access the data found in your Control Centers,

- you can always find the same configuration of your work environments.

In order for a developer to access the Control Centers and the SCM (Source Code manager) of the platform, all you have to do is "declare" him in the CLOUD dashboard of the platform.


- In the list of platforms on the left, click the (development) platform you want to access.

- In the "Developers" widget, click "Add a developer".

- Specify the login (user), full name and password.

- Validate

Don't forget to define the person who will be administrator of Control Centers and SCM. He will be able to access the advanced management parameters (cancelation of check-out in the SCM or creation of teams and developers from the Project Monitoring Center).

Then, the created developer can access the SCM (Source Code Manager) of the platform from WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. 

He can also access the data found in the Control Centers of the platform.

Note: The administrator can also add developers via the Project Monitoring Center. Therefore, you can create the administrator from the CLOUD dashboard and add all the other developers via the Control Center. The teams are defined in the Project Monitoring Center.

To learn more about "the development with SCM and Control Centers in the Cloud", please refer to the following guide: Managing your development projects via PCSCloud.