Associating a domain name to a site

The CLOUD operating platforms are used to host WEBDEV sites.

Once the WEBDEV site is deployed on the platform, you can associate it with a custom domain name (by default, the platforms have an access URL with the following format: <platform-name>

2 key points: 

  • On a PCSCloud platform, you can host several sites, but only one can be accessed directly via a domain name.
  • To associate multiple sites with multiple domain names, you must create multiple platforms: 1 platform per domain name


    • In the dashboard, select the platform that hosts the site.
    • In "Network settings":
      • Write its IP address, it will have to be specified to the hosting company of domain.
      • Click "Change default site". 
      • Select the site that will be displayed by default.
      • You can apply changes immediately, or later, as a scheduled task.

This operation indicates the site to be launched when there is a connection via the IP of the platform, i.e., via the domain.

  • On the domain hosting service:
    • Go to the settings of your domains.
    • Create an A DNS record for the domain pointing to the IP address of the platform. 
    • Validate the association. Registration is immediate at the domain hosting service; however, some DNS propagation time may be necessary for the redirection to be applied worldwide.
This operation indicates the address to access, i.e. the PCSCLOUD platform, when the domain is given in a browser. 

Useful to know:
  • There are sites to check DNS propagation worldwide: 
  • Keep in mind browser caches when testing a DNS redirection after it has been set up. A redirection may not be applied because the browser keeps a cache of previous tests. It is recommended to clear browser caches when running tests after a DNS change.
  • If a certificate has been set up on the platform (see Securing a site by SSL), it must match the domain name. If the domain does not match, the browsers will display a certificate-related error.