Securing a site by SSL

The CLOUD operating platforms are used to host WEBDEV sites.

The guide Deploying WEBDEV sites explains how to deploy a WEBDEV site on an operating platform of the PCSCloud cloud.

Once the WEBDEV site is deployed on the platform, how to secure it via an SSL certificate?


- Before a site can be secured by SSL, you must get your own domain name for the site and associate this domain name to the site. To do so, see "Associating a domain name to a site".  

Indeed, to secure a site by SSL, we advise you to be the owner of your domain name.

By default, a site on a CLOUD platform is associated with the domain name of 

Then you have two possibilities:  

- Use a personnal certificate (you'd have buy it from a certification company)

- Use a free certificate with automatic renewal (Let's Encrypt™)

Don't forget that using an SSL certificate on a CLOUD platform involves a monthly cost of 1,99 Euros BT  linked to the use of an additional IP address.


In order for the HTTPS transition to be entirely hidden for your users, you can make an automatic redirection in your WEBDEV sites.

To do this, you can follow the FAQ #11192.

Use a personnal certificate

- Use the CSR (Certificate Sign Request) form accessible from your dashboard.

To access this form, in the "SSL certificates" section, click "Request for creating a CSR".

Fill the form with the requested information.


The entire information must be specified.

The CSR file can be downloaded a few minutes after your validation.

This file will allow you to get an SSL certificate toward the certification company of your choice.

Once your SSL certificate is signed by the authority, click the "Install the certificate" link found beside the request.

A popup is opened, all you have to do is select the certificate to install.

You also have the ability to schedule this setup or to run it immediately.

Use a free certificate from Let'sEncrypt™

To use a Let's Encrypt free certificate in your PCSCloud platform, you just need to click on the link "Install a Let's Encrypt certificate".

Then you just have to choose the domain you want to certify.

Warning : This domain name must target your PCSCloud platform