Configuring the roles of an operating platform

PCSCloud operating platform can be used to:

- share HFSQL databases, 

- host WEBDEV sites, 

- host WINDEV or WEBDEV Webservices, 

- host setups of WINDEV applications, 

- or publish universal data replications.

Before deploying to an operating platform, you must activate the role corresponding to the requested type of deployment.

The roles of a platform can be defined when creating the platform. For more details, see the guide Creating an operating platform.

The roles of a platform can also be redefined at any time from the CLOUD dashboard.

Let's see how to redefine the roles of a platform.


You must have:

- the identifier 

- and the password of the PCSCloud account.

The identifier and password have been supplied in the confirmation email when creating the PCSCloud account. 


- Connect yourself to the CLOUD dashboard, at the following address:

- In the list of platforms at the top, click the platform to reconfigure.

- Then, click the "Reconfigure the platform" link.

- You now have the ability to check the roles that are useful on the platform.

To be able to deploy WEBDEV sites on the platform, check "WEBDEV Application Server".

To be able to deploy WINDEV or WEBDEV Webservices, check "WEBDEV Application Server for the Webservices".

To be able to host HFSQL (HyperFileSQL) databases, check "HFSQL server".

And for a remote access to the databases, check "Remote Access". 

What to select? Some practical examples: 

For a database that is used by a site deployed on the platform, no need to check anything. 

For a database that is used by an application, by mobile devices, you must check.

To access the database form the HFSQL Control Center, you also need to check.

To be able to deploy setups of WINDEV applications, check "WINDEV Setup Server".

Tip: Check what you need only. 

Especially as the roles of the platform can be enabled or disabled at any time.

- Don't forget to Validate

After validation, the reconfiguration of the platform is effective within a few minutes.