Save the data via FTP

An FTP access is supplied with each PCSCloud platform.

This FTP access allows you to retrieve the data of your sites or WebServices as well as your backups of HFSQL server.

This article explains the FTP tree structure and the location of different elements.

To get your FTP connection identifiers, you need:

- the identifier of your PCSCloud account

- and the associated password.

The identifier and password have been supplied in the confirmation email when creating the PCSCloud account. 


- Connect yourself to the CLOUD dashboard:

 In the list of platforms at the top, click the exploitation platform to which you want to access.

- In the "Management" section, click the "Management information" link. 

The page that is displayed gives the information for accessing the FTP server.

In your FTP manager (or in your WINDEV application), connect to the FTP server with these identifiers.
Be careful not to check the SSL or TLS connection option.

You can access 3 directories:

1 - The <SiteData> directory 

This directory contains the data found in the sites and WebServices of the platform. 

From the sites or Webservices, you can access the <SiteData> directory by programming with the WLanguage fDataDir() function. 

The data of each site or Webservice is organized in sub-directories named like each site: < SiteData / Site Name>

Therefore, you can access via FTP the data directory of a site or Webservice via the corresponding path.

2 - The <HFSQLBackup> directory

This directory contains the backups of the HFSQL server. These backups must be scheduled from the HFSQL Control Center.

3 - The <SiteBackup> directory
This directory contains the backups of your sites and WebServices performed from the WEBDEV administrator.

The FTP access allows you to retrieve your data as well as your backups!