Backing up the platform and its data

Your platforms must be included in your backup plans.

1. Full backup:

A highly recommended option for full, automatic, daily backup is available on demand for each platform.

The backup contains the entire platform:

  • sites, 
  • webservices, 
  • WINDEV application setups
  • HFSQL client/server, HFSQL classic databases,
  • operating system, configuration, certificates,
  • all applications:
    • web server,
    • WEBDEV application server,
    • HFSQL client/server engine, and more.

This backup makes it possible to restore the entire platform on a given date (kept for 14 days).

For the details and possible costs of this backup, please refer to  pricing.

2. HFSQL data backup:

2.1 HFSQL Classic data:

No action on the platform is required for the backup of the HFSQL Classic data used by sites and webservices. The location (returned by the fDataDir) for HFSQL Classic data of deployed sites et webservices, can be accessed directly via the FTP account of your platform.

HFSQL Classic data must be retrieved regularly via FTP to include it in your backup and disaster recovery plans.

2.2 HFSQL Client/Server data:

The backups of HFSQL Client/Server databases can be managed in the same way as HFSQL Client/Server servers hosted on your setups. You should schedule backups with the same rigor as you normally manage data. You have multiple options to schedule backups according your habits: 

  • with the HFSQL control center included with WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. You can find the details of this process in the "HFSQL Client/Server backups" page.
  • with the HFSQL administrator accessible in the "Remote administrators" section of your PCSCLOUD dashboard,
  • by programming (see backup description type and HBackup)

Caution, in any case, you must keep a relative path for the backup location in the backup description or in the wizard. Keeping the "Backup" name proposed by default is the best solution. Do not replace the path with a full location, such as c:\<folder>, or d:\<folder>.

HFSQL Client/Server backups created using these methods must be retrieved on you local setups via  FTP. The HFSQL Client/Server data is on the same physical datacenter as the backups generated and accessible by the FTP account.

Restore point:

The daily backup or the HFSQL data backups should not be confused with a restore point created in the dashboard.

A restore point cannot be used as a backup. 

For example, a restore point can be created before updating sites and webservices. The restore point must be deleted immediately after the operations are completed. As long as there is a restore point, the automatic adaptation of the storage space is disabled. There may not be enough space, if the size of the data or hosted sites increases at the same time.