Statistics regarding the platform use

You can monitor the usage statistics of a platform from the PCSCloud dashboard:

- use of memory,

- use of calculation capacity,

- use of storage space,

- use of bandwidth.

This allows you to know when and how the platform must be reconfigured according to your real needs.

You can choose a new type of platform (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond) and redefine the usage level of the platform (Light, Medium or High) at any time.  


- In the list of platforms on the left, select a platform to view its usage statistics.

- Click  "Usage statistics" in the "Statistics" widget.

- Define the period for which you want the platform usage statistics and click "OK".

These usage statistics allow you to make the right decisions when configuring the platform.

For example, if you notice that the platform is used to its maximum capacity, increase the capacity from the CLOUD dashboard. To do so, please refer to Changing subscription.

Similarly, if you expect a peak in activity, increase the capacity of the platform to anticipate the demand.