Conditions & subscription prices
The Cloud offer is available and you can subscribe by clicking the "Open an account" button.
The contract and the price list are also available below.
Technical characteristics of the Cloud platforms:

  • An operating system (Windows 2016 64 bits)
  • Up to 30 GB of RAM
  • A Web server (IIS 10.0)
  • 8 CPU (3 GHz)
  • A WEBDEV Application Server (version 19 or later)
  • Custom storage space
  • A 64-bit HFSQL server (version 19 or later)
  • 1 IP address and 1 domain name
  • A server of WINDEV setups
  • A Server of Universal Data Replication
  • An SMTP server for sending emails

Tracking the consumptions and configuration
The customers of the Cloud offer benefit from a dashboard allowing them to see their monthly consumption in real time.
The dashboard can also be used to configure and suspend the activity of a platform at any time.
Integrated SaaS solution
The PCSCloud Cloud offer gives access to the SaaS administrator of WEBDEV. This allows you to deploy and commercialize offers based on WebDev SaaS sites.